Custom Soil Mass Ground Stabilisation System

Our high-quality, Soil Mixing System using Liquid Cement Grout as your “Binder” offers greater flexibility on-site. Having three easily interchangeable mixing heads made from high tensile, abrasion-resistant bisalloy steel designed for every soil condition including sandy soils. The heavy-duty mixer comes with rock cutting teeth to break through the toughest clays or the light duty mixer for those softer soils and the dredging mud mixer for liquid/sludge.

We use “CFA Couplers” to connect our mixing heads onto the Stem/Drive Shaft which allows the delivery of the Liquid Cement Grout down through the centre Stem/Drive Shaft to the exit “Port” of the mixer.
NZ Stirrers are more than happy to customize your mixing head to suit your project requirements also.

Powerful Custom-Designed Motors
We have a range of Italian made hydraulic motors that we can spec that deliver between 20,000Nm and 100,000Nm of Nominal Rated Torque. Compare that with our competitor’s PMX Mixer which only has 12,000Nm of torque and ground stalling becomes a problem in anything other than the soft European Peat soils that it was designed for. With our high torque motors, this resolves any problems with ground stalling.

I was also amazed to find out that most people I have spoken with don’t know what the difference between “Nominal Rated Torque and Peak Rated Torque” is!! Please Google this as “Nominal Rated Torque” is the most important torque rating you should know about any hydraulic motor. In short, it is the optimum range that a hydraulic motor can run at all day every day without overheating and causing damage. “Peck Rating torque” is like redlining your car engine and you wouldn’t do this to your car engine!!

NZ Stirrers Mixer heads are specifically designed to deliver Liquid Cement Grout through the centre Stem (Drive Shaft) right to the mixing head to the exit port hole into any type of soil. This has come about by the technology development from our Underwater Mixer.

Designed to be compatible with all makes/models of excavator
NZ Stirrers Mixers are designed with interchangeable hitch plates. This allows you to into change between different excavator’s models and or sizes.
Manufactured in New Zealand
These innovative attachments are manufactured from high tensile, abrasion-resistant bisalloy steel. Precision-designed to help extend the operating life of plant and reduce machinery maintenance from down-time. All bearings and seals are carefully situated to avoid wear and tear from high abrasion material like liquid grout mix, gritty sandy soils, stones etc… that cost you dearly in down time.
Efficient use of plant on-site
With the NZ Stirrers Ground Mixing Attachment System, one excavator can tackle a wider range of different soil conditions with minimum down-time, increasing the efficient use of plant. NZ Stirrers attachments are all custom-built, and come on a custom cradle fixed to an open top shipping container, securely housing each mixing head during transport. The open top shipping container has a cradle system for the main shaft designed to make it quick, easy and safe to change mixing heads over on- site.

“Mass Ground Stabilising Equipment”

Unique – World first design – 10-metre-long main shaft with 3 Interchangeable mixing heads.
Custom designed and hand built to each customers exact Project requirements.
High quality “Italian” Hydraulic Drive Motors – 2 speed – high torque – with reverse.
All Hydraulic motors are extremely powerful with ground stalling of your mixing head a thing of the past.

If you’re looking for Mass Ground Stabilizing Equipment that can be customized to meet your project needs and then hand built in New Zealand, and delivered anywhere in the world, then you’ve come to the right company.




What makes our Mixers unique is the fact that we can custom make them to any length you want up to 12 metres long. All our Mixers come with 3 interchangeable mixing heads. No other Mass Ground Stabilizing Equipment has the ability to interchange mixing heads to accommodate for different ground conditions eg hard to stiff ground – semi soft grounds to dredging mud/sludge. This now gives you the ability to stabilize a wider range of projects that might have multiple different ground conditions over the site area.

If ground conditions change, simply unscrew the CFA Coupler connection and reconnect up to the mixing head you require. As easy as that!
Another unique feature with NZ Stirrers Mass Ground Stabilizing Mixing Equipment is our ability to spec a wide range of high-quality Italian made hydraulic drive motors to suit your requirements. Our drive motors start from 20,000Nm of torque going up to 100,000Nm of Nominal Rated Torque. All drive motors are 2 speed including reverse and a sourced directly out of Italy and flown back to New Zealand.
As your Mass Ground Stabilizing Mixers are attached to a large excavator. This allows for the excavator to be used for bulk excavation on site if needed.

The length of your Mixer “main shaft” will be your next decision to make as we customize your Mixer to exactly what you want or need. Being able to choose between a 5-metre-long shaft right up to a 10-metre-long shaft, (Plus mixing head) lets you get the right equipment you need for the job. Our Engineers will then custom design and build your Mixer to meet your exact requirements. Strengthening will be done to accommodate which drive motor you have chosen to use.

These are extremely powerful drive motors and everything needs to be reinforced to handle the loads placed on the shaft from the torque. Every Mixer is custom designed and meticulously hand built to your exact requirements.

You are welcome to fly out to Auckland, New Zealand to view your new Mass Ground Stabilizing Mixer before we Sea freight to your place of origin. The Open-Top shipping container is part of the package and is yours to keep. This will allow you to easily move your Mixer from place to place by truck, rail or sea.

All of “NZ Stirrers Mass Ground Stabilizing Stirrers” using Liquid Cement Grout as it’s “Delivery Binder” A world first, developed in New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.