Why Choose Us?

Engineering, Innovation and Problem-Solving are core drivers at NZ Stirrers. Off the shelf mixers aren’t good enough for us or for our client’s. Our custom-designing and Engineering is second to none. Thinking outside of the square is what drives us each day.

New techniques that allow Liquid Cement Grout “Binders” to be delivered straight down through the centre Stem/Drive Shaft directly to the mixing head to having interchangeable mixing heads for different soil conditions and don’t get me started on our Underwater Encapsulation mixer, this is one amazing design that you will never have seen before.

“Dry Binders” are a thing of the past with Health and Safety regulations. “Dry Binder” drifting in the wind, going over everything insight and not to mention the danger to staff and public from breathing in Silica dust.

Our Stirring Technology has applications across a wide range of markets: from Underwater Contaminated Sediments needing to be stabilized in-situ to ground strengthening and stabilization for construction; to encapsulation/solidification of hazardous chemical waste and the management of farm effluent ponds.