A New Zealand Design stabilizer that protects the environment from toxic leeching is turning heads internationally.

The new device was developed under controlled conditions over the last 22 months using advanced CAD modelling and engineering techniques.

Fitted to an excavator, a high-flow mixing head draws hazardous liquid chemical waste in to a vortex where dry powder binders are introduced using an electronically controlled pressure feeder.

This prevents pockets of unmixed liquid chemical being left untreated, to later leech out in to the environment, says Ken Borg, senior technical designer, NZ Stirrers.

“The process is safer and up to 80% faster than current stabilization methods. It’s a true win / win for consumers and chemical waste treatment facilities,” he says.

Interest in the new system has been overwhelming. Each device is purpose-built, and the current lead time is up to twenty, four months due to demand and the customization process.

“It is a game changer for the liquid chemical waste industry – a safer, easier, faster way to manage a growing problem. Consumers can feel safer knowing companies are doing more to protect them from hazardous liquid chemical waste leeching in to the environment.”