Hazardous Liquid Waste

Revolutionary New System for Hazardous Liquid Waste Solidification Treatment

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World’s first hazardous liquid waste mixing attachment

NZ Stirrers has applied advanced soil mixing technology to this custom design which specializes in solidification, encapsulation of Industrial Hazardous Liquid Waste through applying liquid grout to the waste.


Made for the Job

Having the right mixer can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year in downtime due to damage being done to your excavator’s boom eg: Seals, Ram and hydraulic hosing system from submerging it into the chemical waste. Especially designed to deal with hazardous liquid and semi- soft waste that is needing to be solidified for Landfill Disposal. The shaft and mixer head have been engineered from high-tensile bisalloy steel to withstand contact from corrosive chemicals. All bearings and seals have been carefully situated and protected to avoid contact with any hazardous material, in turn reducing maintenance costs and machinery down-time, this increases the lifespan of your plant, which then increases your production output per day.

Custom-designed for Efficiency and Speed
The NZ Stirrers mixing head has been developed under controlled conditions using CAD modelling and engineering techniques to increase mixing efficiency. Designed to move large volumes of waste product at low RPM while mixing liquid grout quickly and consistently without pockets of unmixed waste product occurring. Every mixer is custom designed and built to suit the client’s current treatment pit/s with the shaft length and drive motor to suit the customers excavators’ specifications.


Precision Mixing – Documented and Cost-effective
NZ Stirrers Hazardous Liquid Waste Mixing System ensures that a precise, predetermined quantity of Liquid Cement Grout/Binder material is delivered evenly at a consistent flow rate, not just dumped all in at one time, avoiding over- application like the traditional Dry Powder Binder method.

Liquid Cement Grout/Binder will reduce operating costs due to the savings from accurately delivering the right amount every time. This can be documented including date, time, batch number, client details, product being treated, amount of product to be treated, operator/s and most importantly, total flow rate for that particular batch enabling documentation of each treatment for reporting and audit purposes.


A Safer Workplace
The controlled delivery of Liquid Cement Grout directly to the mixing head now reduces dust and air contaminants by 100% creating a safer working environment for all plant operators. The high-volume mixers at low RPM reduces the risk of human contact through splashing or over spinning of the mixing head reducing toxic material spreading.

Dry Powder Binders are old school and being phased out around the globe due to the dangers of inhaling cement and silica dust directly into the lungs. Time to improve your work place is now. You can’t afford not to!!


No Capital Expenditure
Available through a three-year lease agreement, so there is no need for any capital expenditure. Every 36 months, have a brand-new, custom-made mixer delivered.

Excavator With Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Stirrer Mixing in Treatment Pit

Industrial Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is a growing problem in the world, both in the amount of Hazardous Chemical Waste being produced and the increasing problem of how to resolve it.

Waste disposal and management companies are the arms of the waste industry that deal with the collection and remediation of this waste.

Hazardous waste disposal is the process in which waste is collected, then remediated or more to the point, solidified/encapsulated into a solid form for Land disposal. To remediate waste means to either transform it into a safe waste product through treatment, isolation or solidification/encapsulation.

The end of the process requires that the hazardous waste be effectively neutralised and kept from being able to degrade and entering the environment. They need to dispose of this carefully to prevent harm to humans and the Environment.

Most hazardous waste cannot be reclaimed or re-purposed. It is often neutralised through Binders like… Cement, Lime, Fly Ash, Bentonite etc… and then stored through burial, or isolated in containers so that as it degrades the hazardous material will not enter the environment at a later stage.

The hazardous waste industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the
world. These companies represent a heavy investment in processes to allow for effective removal and remediation of this Hazardous waste.

NZ Stirrers has developed a world first Industrial “Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Stirrer” that is fitted to the end of an excavator.

Uniquely designed to mix “Liquid Cement Binders” including Fly Ash, Lime, Bentonite and Cement into the hazardous liquid chemical waste, which turns the liquid waste into a solid form for landfill disposal.

The high flow mixing head with low RPM draws in the hazardous liquid chemical waste from the sides and bottom moving it in a circular motion around the holding pit, whilst mixing in the Liquid Binder/s consistently so there aren’t any pockets of unmixed chemical or unmixed Binder/s eg: Fly Ash, Cement, Bentonite, Lime etc…

Each Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixer is uniquely designed which means “No” Bearings or Seals come into contact with any hazardous liquid chemical waste.

This unique design means no need to replace expensive Seals and Bearings that can fail without warning due to continued contact with various chemicals eg; solvents and acids. It has been carefully designed to work with Grout Pumps which delivers the Binder directly to the mixing head.

Each customized Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixer is hand made to the highest standards and made from High-Grade Bis-alloy steel – http://www.bisalloy.com.au If your excavator is fitted with a Quick Hitch you can swap your mixer over for your bucket within minutes and use the same excavator to empty your mixing pit as it hardens.

NZ Stirrers range of Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixers can be fitted to excavators ranging from 2 ton up to 20 ton.

Each NZ Stirrers Industrial Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixer is customized to meet each client’s project needs, such as the depth of the treatment pit, size of the excavator being used, torque requirements and length of drive shaft that is needed.

NZ Stirrers uniquely designed Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixer means there are no bearings or seals that come into contact with the liquid chemical waste, eg; solvents and acids etc… preventing damage and costly downtime for repairs.

The curved safety shield protects against splash backs to the machine operator as well as to the end of the boom preventing damage to the excavators Ram, Seals and hydraulic hoses.

NZ Stirrers can custom design and build your Hazardous Liquid Chemical Waste Mixer to suit your exact requirements. All enquires will remain 100% confidential and we will deliver your order to any major Seaport around the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.