Farm Effluent Pond Stirrers

Managing farm effluent

Farm effluent is a valuable source of nutrients.  NZ Stirrers custom-designed effluent pond stirrers protect nutrient quality by maintaining solids in suspension, ready for irrigation.  Daily mixing prevents crusting, stagnation and toxic build up at the bottom of the pond and delivers readily-available nutrients for better plant uptake.  Use of well-managed farm effluent reduces the cost of fertiliser inputs.


The NZ Stirrers effluent pond mixer has been developed under controlled conditions using CAD modelling and engineering techniques.  Our powerful three-phase electric motors exert enough torque to move large volumes of effluent at low RPM.  This thoroughly mixes the nutrients without causing wear and tear on the pond liner.  Each unit is custom-designed to the size of your pond or holding tank.

Easy Maintenance

Pond stirring before emptying removes the need for diggers to de-sludge and scrape off pond bottoms.  This makes the maintenance of your effluent pond easy and cuts out a potentially hazardous maintenance task for farm workers.

Improved Health & Safety

The farm effluent system is a particularly dangerous area for workers.  Our mixing system reduces on-farm risks by incorporating an easy lift and swing boom for maintenance.  We recommend servicing moving parts every six months to coincide with standard biannual electrical safety checks.

Engineered for the job in hand

The NZ Stirrers mixing attachments have been specially engineered to deal with farm effluent.  The mixing head is made out of food-grade stainless steel, designed to withstand contact with corrosive material.  All bearings and seals are carefully situated to avoid contact with effluent, reducing maintenance costs.

Above Ground Holding Tank Effluent System

In-Ground Clay Pond 0r Lined Effluent System

Effluent Pond Mixing

NZ Stirrers Farm Effluent Stirring Systems “Shore Mounted Effluent Stirrer” has been designed for existing or new in-ground effluent ponds and for use with above ground holding tank systems such as the Tasman Tank System, Klip Tank and the Hynds Storage System and alike.

All Farm Effluent Stirring Systems are customized to suit any size holding tank or in-ground ponds that you have.

With this design you can easily remove the stirrer from the pond as it winches up and swings to the side of the pond, simply winch it back down to the ground for maintenance, easy and safe to use.
Maintenance is easy to do and only requires keeping your bearings greased and is recommended to be done twice a year along with an electrical test. Our unique design means there are no bearings in the effluent. This eliminates bearing failure due to bearings being submerged into Liquid Effluent.
Our stirring mixing heads are all made out of food grade stainless steel for long life.  NZ Stirrers has designed a high flow effluent stirrer that draws in the effluent from the sides and the bottom to move it in a circular motion around the holding tank or pond – keeping the effluent in suspension for irrigation to your paddocks. The system can be programmed to come on during the night for a few hours when power is cheapest, and to come on 1 hour before the irrigation system to make sure that the solids are in full suspension before the irrigation starts pumping off to your paddocks. By keeping the pond stirred and the solids suspended, you will get an even spread of your effluent over the paddocks, instead of just dirty water being sucked off from the top of your pond, due to the solids settling at the bottom of your pond. Keeping your effluent pond in suspension will stop the build-up of toxic sludge on the bottom of your pond, thus helping to prevent the effluent pond floor becoming very toxic to the living organisms / bacteria that help to break down the solids.  NZ Stirrers highly recommend always having 2 people present at the effluent pond for any work or maintenance. As part of our overall safety design plan, we will supply 2 life vests plus a life buoy in the event that anyone was to fall into the effluent pond. There will be a Health and Safety manual along with a “sign-in and sign-out maintenance booklet” to the effluent pond.

NZ Stirrers has worked hard to design our farm effluent stirring system with Health and Safety in mind. Effluent ponds are extremely dangerous and are very hazardous places to work near. You don’t want to fall in!!

As with all of our farm effluent stirring systems, we recommend adding one or more of our Aerating Windmills to your effluent system, which helps to control unwanted odours by oxygenating the pond 24/7 with free wind energy.

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